For Your Light Has Come

by Eric Ward and Jubal Forest

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Recorded live at "The Green Room" on 10-31-03. Purchase the whole album and get 4 bonus tracks and chord charts for free!


released October 31, 2003

Eric Ward - Songwriter - Acoustic Guitar - Lead Vocal - Overdub Bass
Tommy Ward - Electric Guitar - Backing Vocal
Mike Kyle - Organ - Keys and Sound Scapes
Neil Kyle - Drums and Percussion



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Eric Ward Indiana

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Track Name: Change
It is so hard sometimes to find out what You mean in Your truth.
But then again to hide these things from men is Your right to do.
I could search for years trying to understand, Your mercy.
But I know nothing compares, to a moment with You.
I have given my life, my thoughts to You, my Saviour my King.
You say come all you who are weary and come all who are thirsty.

Your love is everlasting, Your grace is new each day.
Your peace is what I'm asking for in my life.

I won't be afraid to change x4

I'm a wounded man a desperate man who has turned his head and looked away.
I know there is more I have searched all day.
I'm a crying shame, but that's what the world says.

How can it be right here right now You love me as I am.
Your grace abounds in love for You are good Your the great I am.
Track Name: Arise
King of Kings, Lion of Judah, Root of David, Prince of Peace, arise
I will greatly rejoice in the Lord. My soul will exult in my God.
Oh my Lord arise
Arise above our enemies, let every nation know that You are
King of Kings, Lion of Judah, Root of David, Prince of Peace, arise
O Lord, You are my glory, my shield, and the one who lifts my head.
Oh my Lord arise
Arise above our enemies, let every nation know that You are
King of Kings, Lion of Judah, Root of David, Prince of Peace, arise
Track Name: Strangely I Find
I’ve been pushed down, face in the ground, running around but it’s all in my head.
No matter how hard it gets it seems I’ll get back on my feet again.
Yeah I know that You know that it hurts sometimes. A reality I just cannot hide.
With so many ups and downs, to stuff it away it doesn’t seem right.
Strangely I find, that it all works for the better.
Strangely I find, it’s a test to make me stronger.
Strangely I find, there’s a love that takes me higher.
Than I’ve ever been, and I’m telling You it’s real.
Broken once again, looking for a friend I am in need.
When freedom comes I won’t just stand there cause when I’m free He says I am free indeed.
I’ve been telling myself I should press in and never walk away.
If you’re like me, when you gave your life to the King then you are here to stay.
Track Name: Only
Only by Your grace, only by Your mercy. I’m alive today, here to seek Your face.
Only by Your wisdom, Your everlasting truth. I am free to praise, I’m alive to worship You.
Oh, You’re faithful and true,
Oh, my beloved responded and said to me “Arise my darling, you’re my beautiful one.
Won’t you come along, for the winter has past and the rain is gone.”
Only by the cross, only by Your glory. I can stand today, bathing in Your grace.
Only by Your promise, and the longing in my heart. I don’t want to wait. Take me home today
Track Name: Beloved
You found me walking in the valley of decision.
You were like a rose in the desert, while I lay barren.
I sift through my stories inside, that shuffle through my mind.
There’s a theme of unveiling love I just cannot hide.
Still there’s so many things I want to tell You. How do I choose the words to say?
When You already know what I’m thinking anyway.
But I think I’ll say it out loud. Yeah I’ll tell the truth, beloved Man of Sorrows.
I love You.
Through all this talking, I seem to realize who’s broken.
And with pride and bitterness having their way in our hearts,
It’s hard enough just to stay focussed.
But the Light of the World, the True Vine, the Dayspring, who’s here in this place.
He offers another chance at a true romance and by His grace, He’ll often say.
“Do you want to leave your troubles or do you want to live the lie”
“I ain’t saying that you won’t struggle and there are times you’ll have to die”
“To the wickedness that’s in your heart, to the lie that life’s not fair”
“Now it’s time to lead a selfless life but don’t forget that I am here”
Track Name: Rescue Me
I can see I’m not who I used to be. Tangled up in complacency.
I want to worship You in spirit and truth, Lord my heart is ready to receive.
And I see that Your time has come, and I know that You are near.
Precious Lamb, divine and Holy King, come rescue me.
As Your blood roles down upon my weary head, I can feel Your freedom come.
Carry me with Your hands of sovereignty, You are the one who sets this captive free.
You are known as the Prince of Peace. In my soul I know it’s true.
I’ve been torn, I love how You heal me, and I surrender my heart.